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Asylum Europe Convention, Day 1


WOW. One week ago this time I was sitting next to Chad Lindberg while he was signing up a storm in the autograph room... one week and it feels like a year. Funny how the best times always morph into faint memories so quickly...

Hence, I thought I'd give it a go and write my overdue report from the notes I took while I was at Asylum Europe.


So here goes (and keep in mind... I may have forgotten most of it already... even my notes might not be that elaborate. But feel free to ask and I will answer if my mind doesn't let me down!)


Oh um... and I reckon this will be a threeshot. One entry for each day...




This year I had nothing planned beforehand... no T-shirts, no banners to sign and sadly not British huntergirls to meet up with. The only thing – and in retrospect the BEST thing – I did for that weekend on the account of planning was that I had applied for volunteering.



But more about that later on.


Whereas I was a nervous wreck leading up to A3 last year, I was calm and relaxed in the week before. Only issues troubling me were my upset stomach and the migraine I felt looming around the edges of my brain. I went to see my doctor and he prescribed some nice meds that got me back in the game. Maybe that's why I was so relaxed? Chilled out and indifferent? LOL


So, come Thursday night, I started preparing for the next few days by looking for my mp3 player, my ticket and the receipt for the group shot, the camera, my season 4 DVD box-set (was planning on having that signed) and various other stuff. I made a play-list for the car (roughly 35 minutes to the venue... so cool, didn't need any hotel rooms, flights or such!), checked I had enough cash to get loads of merchandise and then went to bed very late. And that was only due to the fact that my printer went berserk. Full on refused to print out my group shot receipt. *glares at the thing*


Still, no nervousness, no shivers like last year. Weird. I was kinda dreading I'd be let down by the convention. But fear not... I was wrong on that regard. So utterly and completely wrong...


Yeah. I admit it. Even a wise-ass, know-it-all like me can be wrong sometimes. LOL.



Got up late. Had enough time to have breakfast. And I am so NOT a breakfast person normally. A very wise decision though as I found out later since I didn't get any chance to grab some food until the early evening.

As the drive would only take a little over 30 minutes I thought it best to leave at 11.30 am enabling me to take a look around at the hotel, check out the vendors and try and meet some of my FB friends that were coming. Or so I thought.

Since I was going to use the same motorway most people seemed to be planning on driving on that day I got stuck in a traffic jam. For ONE friggin hour. Even the best laid plans....


I was supposed to be there by 1 pm to register and get in contact with Donna from Rogue Events and get my schedule for the weekend (volunteer work). The digital clock in my TwImpala slowly but surely crept closer to that time... Even the sweet tunes of my classic rock play-list weren't doing their soothing magic now. Crap. The images of the long queues back at Birmingham last year swam to the front of my mind and I was sure I would be treated to another looooooong day of standing in rows. Waiting... waiting... waiting... for Godot or something.


Getting there in the end at exactly ( I'm not kidding) 12.58 pm I rushed down to the registration office to find out they postponed to 2 pm. LOL.

I relaxed, went in and presented myself to Donna and Paul. Checked my schedule and realized I had two (only 2!) jobs at the weekend. Photo studio on Saturday afternoon and steward duty on Sunday during the autographs. Little did I know how that would shape up to be. Heeheee....


So I set out to wreak havoc on the vendors. And dude...


Magnets (both Winchesters on them), key-rings (mostly Deans on those... I wonder why), badges with quotes from the show, a small license plate, one key ring in that shape as well... wow... I think I spent like 45 Euros... (roughly 40 pounds, 50 USD, I think...). But seriously... how else is a German fan supposed to get her hands on stuff like that?


*sighs happily and pats her stack of goodies*


I love conventions... There was some lovely stuff by Phoenix Copper Art there... and I got me a bookmark with the zap-away sigil on it and a plaque that says “got salt?”And I am so buying that pop-art'ish print of Dean and Sam digging up a grave next year.


Having spent most of my money, it was time to go back to the registration office since I offered to help with that. They were very short on staff and stewards, so I thought I'd help out beyond the schedule. Registration went smoothly... only thing I still can't get over though: Some people bought the costly diamond and ruby packages and didn't pick them up. Weird. Why would you buy a 300 Euro ticket and then not show up? Just coz none of the J's were there? Really?


In between all the registration duty we had the pleasure of watching Jason and Misha going out for a jog and returning an hour later all sweaty … heeheee... Do I hear some fangirls hit the floor?


So after having put wristbands, badges, lanyards and envelopes on a total of 400 people (I think) we (the lovely Stephanies (both), Diana and me and some of their friends) set out to see if Bad Neuenahr had some foooooood to offer.

Gawd, I was so hungry.

We were told we could go to the Meet & Greet (not part of my emerald package, yay, first thank you gift for extra work!!) so we tried to be on time for that. After getting some coffee--- OMG coffee... I had been running very low on caffeine... those who know me will tell you that is a very rare occasion... it got to the point that I thought the caffeine in my veins was being replaced by blood! --- and some nice salad (no garlic... no way am I gonna breathe garlic scent into Misha, Jason, Jim, Mark, Traci, Sam or Chad's faces... NO FUCKING WAY. *winks at Diana*) we hurried back to the hotel, crossing the Ahr river and walking through the wonderful park surrounding the hotel. Very beautiful venue. Very very beautiful...


Well... we got back in time and damn did I wish for different clothes. I hadn't planned on staying that long and working all day (a pretty hot day) didn't help with my confidence in my antiperspirant...


But there we were among all the diamond package people waiting for things -or rather actors and one singer- to come. We took up position outside on the patio enjoying a beautiful sunset and wondering about wasabi crusted peanuts. Then all of a sudden, Donna waved at us and asked us to “shadow” the guests... one of us for each of them. They were to go from table to table, chat with the fans and then rotate to the next one. One of us was supposed to save them from indecent and awkward questions.

Well, of course nothing like that really happened! German fans rock!


Me as a steward? Not so much because I made a complete fool of myself only a few minutes later...


When the guests arrived none of us knew which one they would assist yet. So when they filed in, Misha came to a stop in front of me (pure chance... Not my doing I swear...) and I reached out my hand and told him my name... (gawd that makes me cringe even now...). He came back with “Hi. Misha.” (d'uh, no shit... LOL... bless him). I smiled and waited, looked around at the others... Everyone was still confused who'd be assisting who. Donna had told me earlier she would be PA'ing for Misha over the weekend but she was on the opposite side of the room.

And I was face to face with friggin Misha Collins... I mean FACE TO FACE (*trembles*) and so my mouth -always keen to land me in awkward situations- got back into motion before my brain could stop it. I snarked “So I guess you're stuck with me now?!” (good Lord, I am blushing as I am writing this... man that's embarrassing, sorry Misha)

Misha was walking over to Donna already who had gestured to him to come to her just when my mouth ran away with me and he retorted over his shoulder “God, why do I always get stuck with Ilka!” aw... fangirl moment... I like his sarcasm... really do... Still... it took a whole day to process my silliness...


*takes a moment to compose herself and get the awkwardness behind her*


So after this complete foolishness I was set up with Samantha Ferris (love her... she is so funny and such a great person, really interested in what people say and ask!). Plus, I've always loved Ellen so I was happy to do that and get to know her a little more closely.

I can't remember what's been said in detail. For one, I was standing behind her most of the time, giving her and those that paid for the pleasure of having the guests up close their space. Secondly, because I was still trying to fathom my luck of being there and thirdly because that Misha-incident wouldn't stop bothering me... I hate being a fool.


What I remember though were these two things: She asked each fan who their favorite character was: There were lots of Samgirls, Casgirls, a few of them liked Jo and Ellen. And she was surprised to find out that there were so few Deangirls. One table solely consisted of Samgirls.

I mean... seriously? I like Sammy but that few Deangirls? Something's deffo wrong with that...

She said Jared'd be happy too hear that and that she'd always felt a tad sorry for him for having fewer fans...

But then she asked: “Are there no Deangirls around?” And I couldn't stop myself. Again. I yanked at my necklace and said: “Dean... always have and always will be.” LOL. Talk about making a fool of yourself in public. HAH.


Apart from translating or helping to find the right word in English or German (Sam wanted to know some phrases she could use... very good on the accent, too!) this was what reverberated the most with me... still does for a fact.

They talked about “Abandon All Hope” and everyone agreed that it was a brilliantly played scene between Sam and Alona. So, Samantha told a story about a fan that had had a falling out with their family. Hadn't spoken to them and moved to another country in fact. After watching that emotional scene the fan decided that life was too short to hold grudges and moved back to the town their family lives in and got back into contact with them. Sam seemed deeply touched by that and rightly so. Isn't it amazing how a show... a TV show about fictional characters can affect people's lives so tremendously? I mean I bet everyone of us can tell a story about how SPN changed our lives, can't we? Looking back over the last two years I certainly can...


As Mark Pellegrino was late – went horseback riding with his wife to practice for an audition- the rotation order got messed up and we (Sam and I) ended up at the bar, helping ourselves to more water and OJ. Then, back in the game we stood outside on the patio and I noticed one of my friends had her room right above there. She had the best view of what was going on... and she told me later on that she was actually on the same floor as some of the actors (Jim and I think Chad, too). Lucky chick.

When Doug motioned at us to stop and come back inside to say good-bye, Sam took the opportunity to say hi to the one table she hadn't been able to stop at. She felt really bad about that but that was all due to the mess up with the order earlier. Nobody's fault really.

I ain't blamin' Lucifer for nothin'! That dude's scary! I don't wanna end up as his meatsuit or somethin'! LOL... No, seriously.. some things just happen...


So... after this unbelievable first day, Donna told me I might be lucky and PA for Mark or Chad the following day during autographs. Good Lord!


Can a day be any better than that? WOW.


I never thought volunteering at a convention would be such fun... I never believed caluk or BulletBabe...



Happy Birthday, flist!

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A Happy Birthday to the January Babes on my flist

[info]avampyr  and

and those I have missed so far...(hides face) I promise to try and be more frequent in updates...

Hugs y'all.. Here's the prezzie:

Wallpaper called "Warriors of Heaven - Champions of God"

For a reason only known to God or Lucifer there seems to be a white border atop... trust me... it's just a glitch. *glares at LJ*

my new passion

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Hey folks, I know I haven't updated in weeks. I am so sorry. But I found a new way to obsess over our beloved boys!

VIDDING! It's highly addictive and drool-inducing (lots and lots of clips to watch and choose from, to customize and edit so they look even prettier, angstier, more hurt or guilt-stricken or just plain and simple: SEXY AS HELL).

So, now I am gonna embed the vids I have done so far here on my LJ. Just to have em all in one spot and share my pleasure and passion with you!
I haven't included my first vid here as it doesn't really look like much. But feel free to find me on youtube under RoweenaC and watch it there... It's mostly 4.16 and vidded to Unforgiven by Metallica!

The others are as follows (from earliest to latest)

RIFT - A Paradise Lost (covering all up to 5.05)

If The Fates Allow (Christmas vid)

Hollow (tear-jerker, mostly AHBL 1&2)

Crumble Tumble (fun vid... all up to 5.08)

And Keep You Safe Till Morning Light (Mary and her sons, Lullaby)

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So NOT a


Ever tried this? Find a headline to sum up this epi?

Here are some:

inconclusive (from storytelling POV)

funny (in parts)

meta (tho they have done better ones, such as TMATEOTB)

misconception (of the fandom and conventions in general)

maybe this sums it up best: "I got nuffin." (no emotional depth, no story line, no relevance)

Only good things apart from an occasional laugh:
The awesome acting and prettiness that is Jared and Jensen... And Rob. I really like Chuck. I do.

Downside. Like DEEP down... down under even...

Finding a headline... Not really easy. As was watching this eppy. I liked it. Kinda. But as difficult as finding a single headline for this ramble is, it echoes my feelings throughout the episode. It was okay but sorta seemed incoherent and superfluous... a waste of time for Sam and Dean.
The plot seemed as if some writer went and tried to put too many storylines or too many topics into one story. And it showed. Word for the wise: either go for fun or meta or MotW and then go all the way with it.
No luke warm attempts. Be adventurous. I don't ask much here coz I know what the writers and the cast are capapble of. This episode simply stopped half way and rendered a half hearted result.

Taking woulda helped this episode, a great deal I think. Don't get me wrong, I liked the epi (even the worst episodes of this show are lightyears ahead of the best ones of other shows...) though I think it was the weakest so far.

How to proceed on the review? I am at a loss. I am speechless coz I can't feel any reverberations of the message. Coz there was none, I reckon. Too bad. I always enjoy what the show does with my head, heart and soul.

Maybe proceed analytically? Let's break it up into subtopics.

Conventions, fandom

1st of all: Those of you staying at Chicago Con, enjoy your time!

Having said this, I fear you people will have the toughest time watching this week's epi. Coz, let's face it: REAL conventions are VERY different from the one shown in 5.09.

There definitely aren't 90 % male fans (being single, I know instantly how many y-chromosoms are in the tiniest of rooms... I kinda have a radar. And trust me, there usually are like 10% and half of them are with their spouse/GF coz they gave them the tickets as an anniversary gift or summat)
... and not all male fans are gay (I converted my ex into a full on SPN fan -banner signature and all that!- and he ain't gay. Not since I last checked. *makes a mental note to ask Sam (yeah, Sam!) whether he changed that*.

When I saw the fans portrayed in the eppy, I momentarily grinned a lopsided smirk but then "it froze that way". I clearly felt that the show was talking about a very very very different fandom. These were the fans of Chuck's books. Not those of the show. Not us...

That realization helped and complicated things at the same time. I became entangled in two opposite concepts. One being the need to defend my fanfic and my fandom. The other, to laugh at the weirdo fans on the screen.

And that dichotomy kinda made this episode inconclusive, inconsistent and incoherent to me...

I am still clueless as to whether I like 5.09 or not...


New info on the Colt.

I gotta say I am glad at least one good thing has come out of this eppy.

And no, I don't think that fake!Dean (Damien) did Dean a favor in telling him that their lives are so much better compared to normal, real life. I mean, I am a fan and of course I have crappy days, way more than I'd like to... But seriously? I am not a fan of the show coz I wanna escape. It might be one reason to tune in every week esp on a crappy day. But first and foremost it's the enthralling story not the wish to be somebody else.
I don't wanna be a Winchester (maybe WITH a Winchester tho... heh..)! DUDE; THEIR LIVES SUCK!
Yes, I do agree with Dean sayin' their lives are a river of crap. Folks, their luck is more than bad, they lost their parents, fiance, grandparents, get strange looks from normal people; they live in their car, they get beat up, shot, choked, stabbed on a weekly basis. They die, they have an inhuman destiny to fulfill. I DONT WANT THAT. For me or them.
Sure, it makes a helluva story. But on the whole, I wouldn't wanna swap places for one day. NOPE. I'd be in for a night with Dean (mmmmmh) but be Sam? Or Dean? HELL NO!

The news on the Colt however (I wandered off on a tangent again... guess I could actually call it a TTBR after all... heh) came as little bit of a soothing surprise. At least now we have a reason to look forward to next week. Altho, even that seemed a bit far fetched. Deus Ex Machina much? Crowley, Lilth's lover? Dude... bigass hole in the plot and a lame explainer...

Again, my apologies, but I am REALLY torn about the eppy. I laughed. Quite a few times. I mean, hearing "Gee, Sam" from Damien and then having Dean say it again... Or the effort the fake Winchesters put into lowering their tone into odd growls (I prefer the orginal there, heehee, yum! Wonder how they'll do it in the German version tho. They sound like college boys in that one... *rolls eyes*) that was really funny.

Oh and before any one brings it up... NO, I didn't like the German fan. Dodgy accent (they coulda cast a German person for that) and weird guy. Same with the Lederhosen in Monster Movie. Didn't work for me. I guess the writers should come to Asylum Europe in May 2010 to get their concept of Germans and Germany right. Bitch much, I know. But I hate stereotypes. This was too much of a cliche...

Result of my attempt to analyse:

I guess at any given point over the previous 4seasons, this eppy would've made a great filler. But now? I mean, the boys are sayin' it themselves! THEY DONT HAVE THE EFFING TIME TO DO STUFF LIKE THIS NOW!!!! It's Luci and the Apocalypse. Not Becky and the lamest convention ever... I like the idea of the superfan, the books and even of a convention. But, sorry Eric, BAD TIMING for this eppy. And Sam and Dean: WHY THE HELL DID YOU STAY THERE????

Personal note about SPN-fandom and fanfic

One last thing about fandom shown on the show and the realtiy of it off the show.
I gotta say that I am always ready to make fun of myself, to laugh at myself and me being a total fan dork. And I am certain most of my friends on here and on other platforms will agree on that.
So, if the show goes and tries to make fun of their fans, I'm game. However, done like this I am sorry to say it but: I couldn't relate at all.
No way could I identify with any of them people they had there LARPing as some weak fake Deans and Sams.

I have been to one convention. Have seen plenty of the youtube footage on others. And that tiny crowd wasn't in any way similar to what I have seen and experienced so far.
So my wish for an epi like this woulda been: Please, if you go down that road, do it right. Show a convention the way it is in RL. That way we can laugh and enjoy it.

And one more thing again:
I feel the need to defend fanfic once more (hate that, I sound like a whining misunderstood artist... which I may be at this point but I just don't like the way the show tries to convey that most fanfic is slash).


Most of us stick VERY close to canon in their stories and some of the stories I have read over the years are better than this epi. Better than MANY episodes in fact. Maybe EK should've checked some of them. 'Coz, knowin the creativity in this fandom, I am pretty sure one of us has already written a fic centering around this topic (*winks at
[info]caluk *). And I am certain it is better... way better than The Real Ghostbusters.

There... that's it for now. Sadly, I don't feel any better about the episode now.
Not one iota.

I am sorry, folks. I know I have been very shallow this week, no in-depth mythology or stuff. But well, I can only work with what I get.

And to come to a final statement, this episode was SHALLOW. (Oh! At least I found a word to sum it up nicely then...)

2 outa 5. Same rating I gave Bugs and Bedtime Stories...

Now I'm gonna go and read what





have to say and maybe they'll manage to turn me around on the subject. They have done so in the past. So, I'm kinda hopeful they've seen things I haven't noticed and morph this odd epi into something worth watching for me.

If so, I will come back and maybe change/edit some of what I've said here...

*crosses fingers*


A good weekend, y'all!

And stay tuned for youtube snippets from the Chicago Con. As soon as they're on youtube I'll put em here for your and my pleasure!

PS....... this review is jinxed. I totally need 7 attempts to get rid of typos and I bet there are some residual grammar and vocab mistakes. Dude... I don't need a beta for my reviews, do I????


PPS: Found one more thing I liked about the epi: The leather jacket made long awaited return! ...yum...

maybe we could try and gather/collect things we liked about the py to make it better in retrospect?

Demon Sam?

Here, at the End of Times... update on the Endgame...


Destiny NEEDS to be changed!!!!Collapse )
Angel Dean?

Welcome to my first ramble about the new season. Some of you might expect a normal review here. But I tend to be very speculative and sometimes way off the map with my ideas. An episode can spark some very weird ideas in my head and if you don't like such kinds of reviews you might better stop reading right away. I don't do recaps in my comments. What I do is jump right in and wallow in emotions, theories and, occasionally, drool. So, if you like that, please be my guest and follow me on the twisted path into my weird mind. Oh and by the way, for those of you wondering about mistakes and odd vocab or prepositions. My reviews are NEVER beta'ed and I am NOT a native speaker. So, please, try to gloss over these flaws... I am trying, I REALLY am...

Oh, one more thing I might add. Or rather two. First of all, I have taken a serious vow to stay away from spoilers once the season had started. The only things I'm gonna watch are the weekly trailers after each epi. So please, try and keep any comments (which I gratefully welcome!) spoiler-free. It's tough enough as it is to follow my oath. I'm just so impatient and nosy... The other thing I wanna say before I get right down to business is that I am not sure how frequent I will write these TTRBs. I am pretty busy at the moment in real life. SO, I can't promise a weekly update.

Now, let's tackle Thursday's great episode. So many new things to remember. Gonna need to organize my thoughts. Man, this first episode really rocked...

It's in your bloodCollapse )
Demon Sam?

It's been a while since my last TTBR. Having watched the recent promos and after reading all spoilers I could lay my hands on (thanks to SpoilerTV!) I feel compelled to think about a few ideas aloud. If you have read my previous TTBRs you know they don't necessarily come true but I just love to ramble about possible plots....

First of all, I will post (and repost) the promos so we all are on common ground before I start my usual ramble.
TTBR 5#1Collapse )

Please watch and leave her some lines if you liked it! This is my fav Metallica song and she just chose the best scenes to recap season 4!! youtube
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And another TtbR. This time it was triggered by the embedded trailers (Space and TheCW)  for the finale. So DON'T watch or read if you wanna stay spoiler-free. I haven't watched ANY previews or sneak peeks yet... so I might be wrong after all...

From here there be spoilers!!!!!

Spoiler TtbRCollapse )
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I am not sure if everyone has found the community yet...

Just as a reminder I am gonna post the link here again.

We do all sorts of stuff. Vids, artwork and of course FanFiction. Come on! Join us!

Hugs flist...


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